System Features

Doxa Reviews: Amplify Your Brand’s Voice

At Doxa, we empower businesses to harness the power of customer reviews. Our sophisticated yet user-friendly platform facilitates seamless monitoring, requesting, and responding to reviews across the digital landscape.

Comprehensive Review Management

Monitor Reviews

Keep a finger on the pulse of customer sentiment by tracking reviews on the top global third-party review sites

Request Reviews

Proactively request reviews to build a robust online reputation and boost your review volume

Respond to Reviews

Engage with your customers by responding to reviews from a single platform

Doxa Reviews
Doxa Reviews

Elevate Your Online Presence

Boost Review Volume

Skyrocket your review volume and see a significant increase in website and foot traffic.

SEO Benefits

Rank higher in search results and become the highest-rated business in your area by accumulating more reviews.

Advanced Analytical Tools

Insightful Analytics

Understand the brand perception and derive actionable insights from customer feedback.

Custom Response Templates

Scale your response efforts with approved custom response templates for a more efficient review management.

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Showcasing success stories of how Doxa Reviews transformed businesses and helped them outshine their competition.

Doxa System features Review Management

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Doxa Surveys: Understand Your Customers Better

At Doxa, we believe in turning feedback into actionable insights. Our survey platform is designed to provide you with a seamless experience from creation to analysis.

Easy Survey Creation

Pre-built templates

Customisable branding

Deliver surveys through preferred channels

Engaging Survey Experience

Conversational text-message surveys

Gather feedback at any point in the customer journey

Doxa System features Survey Management
Doxa System features Survey Management

In-depth Analytics

On-demand reporting

Identify key themes and improve operations

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Doxa Sentiment Analysis: Unlock the Emotions Behind Your Data

Discover the true sentiments of your customers with Doxa’s cutting-edge sentiment analysis tool. Our advanced A.I. driven technology sifts through the noise to deliver clear, actionable insights about how your customers feel towards your brand and products.

Unveil Customer Sentiments

Real-Time Analysis

We offer real-time sentiment analysis reports, enabling you to measure customer experience minute-by-minute and make instantaneous improvements​.

Large-Scale Analysis

Capable of handling large-scale sentiment analysis, our tool measures language across various channels to provide a comprehensive understanding of public perception.

Doxa Features Unveil Customer Sentiments
Doxa Features Advanced Analytical Features

Advanced Analytical Features

Automated Insights

Our data-driven method automates sentiment analysis to provide you with a deeper understanding of public opinions.

Customisable Alerts

Set customisable alerts for mentions and trending keywords, staying updated with real-time developments in customer sentiments​.

Boost Your Online Reputation

Actionable Feedback

Utilise the feedback obtained from sentiment analysis to make informed decisions, enhancing product offerings and customer satisfaction.

Competitive Analysis

Compare your sentiment metrics with competitors, understand your market standing, and strategise to stay ahead.

Doxa Features Boost Your Online Reputation

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Our sentiment analysis tool is designed to empower businesses with the knowledge of what their customers truly feel. Make data-driven decisions today for a better customer experience tomorrow.

Doxa A.I. Review Categorisation: Tackle Issues with Precision

Unveiling Doxa’s groundbreaking A.I. Review Categorisation feature that intuitively organises reviews, helping you address the most critical issues instantly. Transform your review management strategy with Doxa’s A.I. powered insights.

Smart Review Categories

Automated Categorisation

Utilise A.I. to automatically categorise reviews based on relevance, making it easier to prioritise and tackle issues head-on​​.

Real-Time Analysis

Experience the ease of real-time review categorisation, always stay ahead of the curve when it comes to understanding customer feedback​​.

Enhanced Decision-Making

Objective Insights

Derive clear and objective insights from customer feedback, devoid of human biases, ensuring an accurate understanding of customer sentiments​.

Doxa Features Smart Review Categories
Doxa Features Efficiency and Accuracy

Efficiency and Accuracy

Streamlined Process

Eliminate the manual effort in review analysis, saving time and resources​​.

Improved Accuracy

Benefit from the precision of A.I. in categorising vast volumes of reviews, ensuring no critical feedback is overlooked​​.

Broad Spectrum Analysis

Multi-Channel Feedback

Aggregate and categorise reviews from various channels providing a comprehensive view of customer sentiments.

Customisable Tags

Tailor the categorisation tags to your industry and business needs, ensuring relevant insights.

What Our Clients Say

Showcasing success stories of how Doxa A.I. Review Categorisation transformed their review management strategy.

Doxa Features Broad Spectrum Analysis

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Doxa Auto Suggested Replies: A.I. Powered Efficiency in Responding to Reviews

In today’s fast-paced business environment, timely engagement with customers is paramount. Doxa’s Auto Suggested Replies feature harnesses the power of A.I. to help you manage customer reviews effortlessly, allowing more time for other crucial business activities.

Your Time-Saving Companion in Managing Reviews

A.I. Generated Responses

Our intelligent system crafts quick, personalised, and effective responses to all your online reviews​.

Customisable Replies

Tailor the A.I. generated responses to your liking, ensuring they resonate with your brand's voice and values.

Doxa Features Your Time-Saving Companion in Managing Reviews
Doxa System Features

Enhance Your Online Presence

Immediate Engagement

Respond to reviews promptly with the help of A.I., showing customers that you care and appreciate their feedback.

Boost Your Reputation

A swift and thoughtful response to reviews enhances your online reputation, which in turn attracts more customers.

Seamless Integration and Usage

Easy Setup

Integrate Doxa with your existing review management platform or use it as a standalone service​.

Real-Time Review Management

Get notified of new reviews, approve A.I. generated responses, or customise them before posting, all from a user-friendly dashboard.

Doxa Features Seamless Integration and Usage
Doxa Features Learn from Customer Feedback

Learn from Customer Feedback

Insights from Reviews

Utilise the A.I. generated responses as a learning tool to understand common themes in customer feedback, helping to drive improvements in your products or services.

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Dive into a world where managing customer reviews is no longer a tedious task. With Doxa Auto Suggested Replies, ensure timely and personalised engagement with your audience, reflecting professionalism and attention to customer satisfaction.

Doxa Complaints Management: Your Solution to Customer Satisfaction

At Doxa, we provide a streamlined tool and workflow to handle customer complaints efficiently.

Comprehensive Management Tool

Track, analyse, and resolve complaints effortlessly

Customisable templates to suit your brand

Automated Workflow

Route complaints to the right departments

Ensure timely responses and resolutions

Doxa Features Comprehensive Management Tool
Doxa Features Analytical Insights

Analytical Insights

Understand common issues

Improve your services based on valuable feedback

Compliance Made Easy

Adhere to regulatory standards

Maintain a transparent complaint handling process

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