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9/10 Customers Rely on Customer Reviews: Highlighting the importance of customer reviews in building trust.
Google Dominance: Google has a 92% market share – be seen.
Missing Out on Manufacturer CX Bonuses: NPS is difficult to manage, let us help.
Managing Reviews Is Resource-Intensive: Addressing the challenge of allocating resources to reply to reviews and dealing with multiple logins.
Pre-Purchase Sentiment: Don’t let a prospect become a lost sale – use the insight to turn them into a customer.
The Rise of the Agency Model: Why should a customer choose you over your competition – Online Reviews are your shop window.
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Advantages & Benefits

Happy / Sad work flow

Increase Reviews by 15x

Pre purchase sentiment analysis

Instant insight & feedback

System Features

Doxa Reviews

At Doxa, we empower businesses to harness the power of customer reviews. Our sophisticated yet user-friendly platform facilitates seamless monitoring, requesting, and responding to reviews across the digital landscape.

Doxa Surveys

At Doxa, we believe in turning feedback into actionable insights. Our survey platform is designed to provide you with a seamless experience from creation to analysis.

Doxa Sentiment Analysis

Discover the true sentiments of your customers with Doxa’s cutting-edge sentiment analysis tool. Our advanced A.I. driven technology sifts through the noise to deliver clear, actionable insights about how your customers feel towards your brand and products.

Doxa Mobile View

Doxa A.I. Review Categorisation

Unveiling Doxa’s groundbreaking A.I. Review Categorisation feature that intuitively organises reviews, helping you address the most critical issues instantly. Transform your review management strategy with Doxa’s A.I. powered insights.

Doxa Auto Suggested Replies

In today’s fast-paced business environment, timely engagement with customers is paramount. Doxa’s Auto Suggested Replies feature harnesses the power of A.I. to help you manage customer reviews effortlessly, allowing more time for other crucial business activities.

Doxa Complaints Management

At Doxa, we provide a streamlined tool and workflow to handle customer complaints efficiently.

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