About Doxa

The term "doxa" originates from an ancient Greek word that signifies "opinion, reputation, or what is said about things or people."

Unrivalled Reach and Impact

From day one, our ambition was to carve out a distinct pathway by exclusively aligning with Google as the principal review platform, firmly believing in its unrivalled reach and impact while viewing other review sites as contenders for the second spot.

Our initial offering was centred around managing online customer reviews, simplifying the review management process by consolidating everything into one intuitive platform. However, as the digital landscape continued to evolve, we recognised the imperative to expand and adapt our offerings. This adaptive spirit propelled us to broaden our online review and reputation management services.

About Doxa Unrivalled Reach and Impact
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One of the Leading Online Review Management Software System Tools

Today Doxa is one of the leading online review and reputation management software system tools on the market, encompassing sentiment analysis, customer-centric surveys, automated feedback systems, streamlined customer management workflows, and the integration of Artificial Intelligence. These advancements empower you to remain at the forefront of the digital curve, leveraging cutting-edge technology to enhance your online reputation.

Lay down a path for Sustained Business Growth & Success

At Doxa, our mission transcends mere online reputation management. We are driven by the goal of accelerating retailers’ sales growth through the amplification of positive online customer reviews. By fostering a robust online reputation, we strive to not only drive enhanced customer engagement but also lay down a path for sustained business growth and success.

Join us on this transformative journey as we redefine online reputation management, setting new standards in customer satisfaction and business excellence.
Doxa Sustained Business Growth & Success

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