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"Google reviews are an important driver of SEO as well as a key decision driver for the majority of customers, and Doxa has improved both our responses and scores significantly since we started using the system"

David Haskey
Group Director, Thurlow Nunn

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Empower Your Automotive Journey with Us

In a digital era where online presence dictates business trajectory, Doxa stands as a beacon of innovation and customer-centric online reputation and review management solutions for the motor dealer and automotive sector. Unlike other platforms, we channel our expertise solely towards leveraging the unrivalled reach of Google as the main review platform, recognising its paramount significance in steering consumer decisions. Our cutting-edge review management system tools not only centralises all your online reputation needs but propels your brand to the forefront of digital visibility, ensuring a seamless ascent in sales and service leads.

Doxa Empower Your Automotive Journey with Us
Doxa Motor Dealer & Automotive Sector Revolutionising Customer Engagement

Revolutionising Customer Engagement

Embrace a paradigm of enhanced customer interaction with our state-of-the-art communication tools. Our advanced analytics dashboard provides a granular insight into customer conversations and purchase history, crafting a roadmap for personalised engagements and heightened customer satisfaction.

Harness the Full Spectrum of Online Reputation Management

Venture beyond mere review management with Doxa’s extensive suite of online reputation management services tailored for the automotive industry’s unique digital landscape. Inspired by the holistic approach of industry giants, we offer sentiment analysis, customer-centric surveys, automated feedback systems, and streamlined customer management workflows. Our sophisticated A.I. driven algorithms dive deep into the realm of auto-feedback and sentiment analysis​.

Doxa Motor Dealer & Automotive Sector Harness the Full Spectrum of Online Reputation Management
Doxa Accelerate Growth with Data-Driven Insights

Accelerate Growth with Data-Driven Insights

Unveil the potential of data with Doxa’s comprehensive analytics and reporting framework. Our online review and reputation management platform is engineered to translate complex data into actionable insights, empowering your automotive business to drive more leads and excel in a competitive marketplace. Our intuitive interface and real-time analytics propel your business operations into a realm of unparalleled efficiency and growth.

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